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Margaret River Cider Company right here in Margaret River with apples from Manjimup, where the climate and soils produce the crisp fruit that is milled to produce their first label Slingshot cider. Coming soon to a tap near you.

Drink responsibly.

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Homemade gourmet delights

For freshness and full-flavour, all Lady Marmalade gourmet treats are handmade and home baked with love in small batches. Lady Marmalade herself traditionally cooks with an open pot and stirs with a big wooden spoon. As each stage of development is nurtured, she creates a diverse range of sweet and savoury treats designed to please the palate on their own or enhance the fine food experience.

All our products are hand made with love in small batches to ensure freshness and full flavour to give Lady Marmalade jams, condiments, cakes and jellies their very own distinctive taste.

Lady Marmalade
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