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Margaret River Cider Company right here in Margaret River with apples from Manjimup, where the climate and soils produce the crisp fruit that is milled to produce their first label Slingshot cider. Coming soon to a tap near you.

Drink responsibly.

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Profile: Conscious Craves


Conscious Craves was created by Californian girl Kylie Meeks and professional surfer Claire Bevilacqua to produce raw, gluten-free and guilt-free foods made by hand in the heart of Yallingup Western Australia.

Conscious Craves’ main focus is to feed people simple nutrition through pure, live and fresh foods. Kylie and Claire truly believe that a simple diet consisting of a variety of raw vegetarian organic foods can keep the body, mind and spirit clean for life! The term “Raw” simply means that the foods have not been denatured in any way, preserving all vitamins, enzymes and minerals naturally found in all living foods so that way your body is getting a sufficient amount of nutrients to keep you fit and healthy. Organic and local ingredients are used as much as possible.

We not only sell RAW food but we live the lifestyle! We wouldn’t feed anything to our fans that we wouldn’t eat ourselves! *Since all of our packaged products have been dehydrated, this process not only retains nutrients of foods but will also extend its shelf life instead of using yucky chemical preservatives! Sealed products will last 6 months or longer.

Conscious Craves
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